Backflow Testing/Tempering Valve/Thermostatic mixing valve


Hot water tempering valves for the local people

Australian government legislation now dictates that all new and renovated homes and offices must have tempering valves installed in any hot water systems. These devices are designed to mitigate the risk of scolding from water heating systems by automatically mixing the hot and cold water together at a preset temperature.

They are a good idea for home installation whatever your circumstances, but especially if you have children in the house. Our skilled plumbers can install them so that water at a safe temperature can be yours in no time at all.

So why take the risk when something so simple can save a possible scolding accident further down the road?

Current legislation states that if an employee suffers scalding burns because there was no tempering valve, the employer may be in breach of their duty of care by not providing a safe workplace.

So don’t take the risk: if you don’t have a tempering valve fitted, contact us to fit one right away. Even if you do have a tempering valve fitted, or you are upgrading your hot water system, contact us to ensure the tempering valve has been installed correctly and it is working optimally.


Local roof plumbing for guttering and down pipes

The guttering and downpipes on many homes and businesses is usually one of the most ignored and a neglected part of the property until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, by then, serious damage may already have beencaused. This is why we advise customers to arrange for our experts to carry out periodic roof plumbing maintenance and inspections on their guttering, downpipes and rainwater drainage systems.

Neglected water pipes Gutting repairs, maintenance and checks

Water everywhere!

If you own property, our expert plumbers can take care of all of your roofs, gutters, and downpipes. From repairs and maintenance to full installations and inspections, we are the roof plumbing specialists.

Broken and cracked gutters and downpipes along with blockages in the system will cause rainwater to spill over and run down walls where it can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property before it is detected. If your gutters and downpipes are looking tired and old, it may be time to carry out major repairs or even a full system replacement. Leaving the situation as it is could also cost a lot more than the installation of new roof plumbing.

Help is at hand

Your first course of action is to call us now on 0447 033 030 and arrange for an inspection and gutteringmaintenance check. Many problems are due to nothing more than blocked gutters or downpipes. Debris, leaf litter, rodents, and children’s toys top the list of things that we regularly find when cleaning out our customer’s roof plumbing systems. If our plumbers find any serious damage or deterioration in your gutters or downpipes, they can advise you of exactly what needs to be done and provide you with a competitive quote. Prevention is always better than cure, and we recommend that we carry out an annual roof plumbing check that will cover:

The cleaning and inspecting of all gutters and downpipes Checking the condition of gutters and downpipes for corrosion, rust, and damageCheck, and if required, replace the flashings Offer options for improved performance, such as installing a gutter guard to prevent clogging Identify weaknesses before they become major issues, and if you require replacement guttering or downpipe installation, we can deal with that too.


Local sewer and storm water upgrades and repairs

Drainage and sewer upgrades are highly crucial components in dealing with the waste and rainwater that is generated by your property. The roof of your building is capable of collecting gallons or rainwater, and the bigger your house or business premises, the greater water collection capacity of your roof. All those gallons of water that land on the roof when it rains have to be moved quickly and efficiently if the gutters and downpipes are going to be able to cope.

While flashings, gutters, downpipes, and collection tanks (sumps) play a vital role in absorbing huge amounts of rainwater from the roofs around your property, they are only a part of the picture. Stormwater drains and sewerage systems such as intersections into the main sewer or septic tanks are required to deal with the waste and drainage generated from your property.

As with most hidden plumbing systems, out of sight equates to out of mind until something goes wrong. Problems with sewers and stormwater drainage are likely to manifest themselves rather dramatically and often unpleasantly by overflowing or even backing up waste through drains and toilets.

If you are experiencing problems with your drainage or sewage systems, you need to call the plumbing specialists here at Platinum Hydro-Jetting.