Blocked drains/Excavations/CCTV Locating


CCTV/video diagnostics

Our tried and tested methods include diagnosing the problem using the latest subterranean CCTV/video system to establish a live picture of exactly what is going (or not) going on in your drains. The live video feed can also be recorded onto a DVD for further analysis if required.

High-pressure water jetting

If 5,000psi (pounds per square inch) sounds like a lot of water pressure, that’s because it is, and that kind of pressure is likely to shift even the stubbornest blockages from your drains. Our skilled water jetting experts know the most effective practices needed to quickly and effectively unblock all types of drainage systems

Electric eels – a tool of the past

Many plumbing and drain cleaning businesses still use a device that has been nicknamed the electric eel, plumbers snake, or drain snake. This device works by means of an abrasive cable that rapidly spins as it is moved through the drain. This method can be both labour intensive and, if it is allowed to remain in one position for too long, potentially damaging to the drain. Unlike the more effective water jetting method, it cannot be used in conjunction with the CCTV/video facility.

Utilising the most effective electric drain clearing method

Water jetting in conjunction with our specialised CCTV/video facility is by far the safest and most cost-effective method of drain clearing. Through the use of the correct high-pressure jet, and in the hands of a skilled operator, the water jetting method will clear virtually any blockage, including tree roots. It is far less likely to damage the drain than the electric eel method, and it saves both time and money.