Did you know that high water pressure might be putting your pipes fixtures at risk? Many people don't realise that this is one of the leading causes of burst water pipes. However, it can be easily prevented. Simply call Platinum hydro-jetting todayarrange an assessment of your plumbing for you - as the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure.
Too late - your pipe has already burst?
If this warning is too late, and your pipe has already burst, then stay calm and call us for emergency plumbing. We'll get our team out to you as soon as is humanly possible and they'll do absolutely everything they can to prevent an emergency situation from turning into a total disaster. You can rely on Platinum hydro-jetting to be fast, efficient and effective in Canberra and the surrounding areas - from the moment you make your call to the moment our plumbers finish the job.
What causes burst water pipes?
First, it's worth taking a bit of a harder look at water pressure. One way to prevent pressure from escalating to the point of endangering your pipes is by installing limiting valves. Secondly, frozen pipes and frozen lines are also hazardous. If you're hit with a particularly cold or frosty morning, a section of line might become frozen, and, as the water freezes and expands, it could cause a fracture, leading to burst water pipes.
Call Platinum hydro-jetting for preventative and emergency plumbing

Worried about burst water pipes causing trouble down the track? In an emergency and desperately need help? Either way, you can call us.

We'll assess your pipes, making sure that water pressure levels are right. And we'll then take important precautions, like protecting pipes from cold weather, repairing damage, removing obstacles, and, if necessary, carefully relocating your pipes.


At first, the idea of installing a new tap in a different location might seem appealing. After all, don't you simply want to move your water supply closer to where your garden is? Isn't it just as easy as that? Well, not exactly.
Deciding where to put a new tap might sound like an easy decision. But, unfortunately, it's not as simple as it seems. And a bad choice can lead to an awful lot of hassle, mess and un-necessary expense if you later find there was already water in the general area.
So, before you add a new tap or extend a water line, it's important to get an expert's opinion. There are all kinds of factors to take into consideration, some of which you might not be aware of. But the good news is our friendly, experienced plumbers here at platinum hydro-jetting can give you helpful, affordable advice. By ensuring you make the right decision in the first place, they can help you save on the expense of your project.

Why Do You Need A New Tap Or Water Line?
When houses are first built, taps are often installed on an arbitrary basis. However, as the house evolves - due to additional gardens, landscaping or new owners - there is often a need to add a new tap or water line. In some cases, tap repair or replacement might be necessary because the tap's awkward location has led to a lot of yanking and misuse. So, rather than continuing with this, it's better to choose a new spot.


When you need Emergency Plumbers, Emergency Drains Plumbers or Emergency Gas Fitters (EmergencyGasfitters)Platinum hydro-jetting is
Always only one call away

You leave the washing machine on and return home to find your living spaces flooded from a blocked drain. A pipe bursts in freezing weather. Your hot water system breaks down on the eve of an important event. Or it's after lunch and you smell a large amount of gas.
There are many dozens of things that can go wrong at the wrong time with your plumbing, drains or gas system, causing lots of stress and at times panic.
By calling upon emergency plumbing skills Platinum hydro-jetting, you can get your water, gas or drains system back to normal and the mess cleaned up quickly, all for prices that will set you at ease.
Emergency Plumber, Drainer And Gas Fitter Call Outs 24 Hours A Day
Platinum hydro-jetting has been trusted as the go-to emergency plumber, emergency gas fitter and emergency drains repairer for some time now by customers right across Canberra.
Platinum hydro-jetting Pty. Ltd.'s phones are always manned and we consider ourselves open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We stand ready to respond to any emergency plumbers, emergency gas fitters, emergency hot water or emergency drains request for assistance.
Our 24-hour plumbing service includes after hours repairs for water systems and fixes for all types of leaks, plus we'll make safe any affected areas so you can rest easy.
We Help You, No Matter What

We understand how stressful plumbing, drains or gas emergencies can be. Not knowing what to do at a moment’s notice and which emergency plumber to ring. WellPlatinum hydro-jetting is your number one choice when you are looking for emergency plumbers in Canberra. Rest assured we are very diligent when it comes to emergency plumbing situations. Our emergency plumbers are trained to provide you with immediate assistance
We aim to support you as much as possible right from the start by providing you with tradesman insight, instructions to prevent the situation deteriorating and above and beyond customer service and skilled repairs that bring peace of mind.
While we will be able to attend emergency plumbing call outs in most areas within the hour, if we can't get there in time then we will help you get hold of someone who can.
Our priority is to help fix your problem, no matter what, and we will provide expert verbal assistance to help you minimize the damage. For example, if a pipe has burst we will advise that you shut off the water main and explain how to do that.

Give Us A Call, 24 Hours A Day
If you require an emergency plumbers, emergency drains plumbers, Emergency Gas fitters and need a quick, professional service and a cost effective solution, call Platinumhydro-jetting’s 24-hour emergency plumbing service on 0447 033 030
If you've got a plumbing problem, we are here for you, 24 hours a day


There are many reasons your shuddering pipes may be making so much racket.
Knocking pipes may be caused by the poor original installation of the pipework, with loose fixings failing to hold the sections in place. Water hammer, may occur when you shut off water and a thumping noise is heard. This could mean that valves are malfunctioning, creating waves of pressure that surge back and forth, placing strain on the pipes and your ears.
Noisy Pipes Can Cause Property Damage

Noisy pipes are usually a symptom of a bigger problem that could cause severe and expensive damage to your water system.
If pipes are not securely fixed, they will be unable to handle the continued strain placed on them by water pressure. Over time, the repetitive knocking of a copper or plastic pipe against a sharp edge or foreign object like a nail or saddle may wear away a section of the water supply pipe. This increases the risk of having a burst pipe that causes water damage to your property. And malfunctioning valves could cause damage to your hot water system and its pipelines, causing rapid cessation of water flow that sends waves of high pressure back through the system.

Sorting Out The Problem
Noisy plumbing can sometimes be dismissed as a quirk of your property, something to be tolerated or worked around. But if left unattended, noisy pipes can lead to serious damage for your water system and your property.
By diagnosing the problem correctly and coming up with a solution, you can stop your pipes making noise and ensure your water system functions as it should, smoothly and securely.
Platinum hydro-jettings team of experts can come to your property and diagnose the problem, usually by just listening to the noise your pipes make and observing where the sound comes from.

We also carry professional assessment and diagnosis equipment, which greatly increases our efficacy and prevents unnecessary cost by keeping invasive repairs to a minimum.


It's lovely to live in an old house. But, for all their charm and atmosphere, older homes can cause headaches when it comes to maintenance. Just like people, houses start to feel the effects of age as time marches on. Parts start to deteriorate and corrode, leading to roof leaking and the need for gutter repair, downpipe repair or gutter replacement. But whatever your problem, the brilliant, hardworking plumbers at Platinum hydro-jetting can solve it for you - and more affordably than you might think.

What Causes Roof Leaks And Gutter Damage?

Of course, natural disasters, like storms or strong winds, can lead to sudden roof leaks. But more often, it's a case of wearing out or a product of an improper install where incompatible metals are oxidizing or a joint fails. Ferrous metals, like steel, that aren't properly protected may become exposed to the air can corrode over time. Or weatherproofing that is in place, such as rubber elements, can deteriorate, allowing water into the roof cavity. Most people become aware of a roof leaking after a major downpour, but it's a good idea to keep an eye out for warning signs, like pin holes, rust bubbles and general roof leaks.
Roof Leaks Don't Have To Break The Bank
Many people panic as soon as they notice a roof leak. Naturally, they get anxious about the potentially exorbitant costs of repair. But you don't have to worry. Here at Platinum hydro-jetting, we can fix a leaking roof at a far more affordable price than you're expecting. We can take care of every aspect of roof trouble - whether you need us to fix a gutter, or take care of gutter replacement or downpipe repair.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are 100% committed to putting our customers first. We focus on getting our work done efficiently, effectively and in the most cost effective way possible. For you, that means there's no money wasted on unnecessary labour hours or novice mistakes caused by inexperience. Every single one of our team members is highly qualified and dedicated to achieving the best result. We're proud of their outstanding work ethic, attention to detail and commitment to fantastic customer service.

Commercial And Corporate Plumbing Maintenance

Platinum hydro-jetting is a plumbing company that can take care of the commercial plumbing needs of any business, from a small shop front to a large corporate entities looking after state-wide contracts in the A.C.T. region.
Our expert team is fully equipped and trained to deal with the widest possible range of commercial needs, be it the installation and maintenance of bathroom plumbing, to the repair and servicing of storm drains and installing new makes and models of gas and electric hot water systems.
Platinum hydro-jetting’s expert commercial plumbers are highly trained and totally professional. They will work closely with your corporate or commercial team to ensure the highest standard of work is done quickly, efficiently and in a responsive and transparent manner.
Whatever plumbing work or servicing your business needs, platinum hydro-jetting can provide a cost effective and highly professional solution, ensuring your commercial properties run smoothly.
Commercial businesses in Canberra works hard to ensure they provide reliable and efficient services to stay ahead of their competitors. However, problems with any part of commercial plumbing can be the Achilles Heel of an ACT business relying on plumbing commercially.
If a commercial premises has a significant problem with water, drains or gas, the operation might as well close until the problem is fixed.
At Platinum hydro-jetting, we understand how important Commercial Plumbing Maintenance is and the requirements to keep it maintained.
That's why we offer comprehensive commercial plumbing support in the form of experienced Commercial Plumbers– encompassing scheduled servicing, repairs and replacements for businesses in the Canberra, Quenbeyan and surrounding regions of ACT.

Contract Size Is No Limit
In addition to Platinum hydro-jetting technical know-how, we also offer the ability to effectively manage large volumes of work orders in an efficient and effective manner meaning smother inter-company communication. We use integrated messaging systems to manage our workforce and can effectively deal with any professional demand.
This ability to focus our workforce allows Platinum hydro-jetting to manage multiple priority events at once, and allocate labour quickly to our customer’sbenefit.
Platinum hydro-jetting can assist in managing corporate, state and regional plumbing contracts to achieve problem free support on any scale. Our expertise in commercial gas maintenance and commercial plumbing maintenance ensures every vital system in your business properties can be taken care of.
And our, professional workforce is able to handle any plumbing job at any time, providing peace of mind to corporate and commercial clients who can't afford delays from problems with their commercial plumbing no matter what the hour.


  • Having trouble with your drains? At Platinum hydro-jetting we understand just how distressing having a blocked drain can be. A fully functioning drain is usually taken for granted and not even given a second thought, until the problems begin. Blocked drains can affect any type of property, from the smallest home to the largest business, and can eventually prove detrimental when problems such as flooding arise.
  • Often forgotten in the midst of our busy day to day lives, drains that aren't regularly tended to can suffer. Silt and rock deposits can form in them over time which are extremely difficult to remove. Dust, rock and sand can all be washed into drains from roofs and concrete, congealing to create a solid mass that rainwater alone can't shift. As the mass grows, a blockage is then formed in the drain, creating a whole host of issues including the potential for flooding.
  • Storm water drains are usually more affected by silt deposits than sewerage drains, because they aren't flushed as much or as heavily. Not only that, the problem can keep coming back if the drain isn't regularly monitored. The use of an electric eel may enable the drain to work again for a short while, but often won't effectively remove large sand or rock deposits, so the problem is never fully flushed away.
  • However, Platinumhydro-jetting has the solution. We specialise in silt and rock removal in Canberra and the surrounding areas, and our experts are able to eliminate any blockage in your drains. Our hydro blaster and jet blaster are an advantage over electric eels, as they can completely flush and push silt, rocks and anything else that may be causing a blockage down the drain and out. This is achieved through the use of the non-rotating head and the strong force of the forward facing water spray on the hydro blaster' nozzles.
  • Platinum hydro-jetting has not one, but three different types of hydro blaster of varying power bands, capable of breaking down any size blockage. Whether the drain on your home needs unblocking, or your large commercial property is experiencing drain difficulties, you can rest assured your drain will be unblocked. Don't wait for the problem to get worse. If you're looking for a plumber in Canberra, you won't find anyone better equipped to unblock your drain than Platinum hydro-jetting
  • • As a versatile Canberra drain cleaning service, Platinum hydro-jetting offers Canberra a well trained, can-do tree roots drain cleaning workforce.
  • One of the biggest enemies of underground drains in Canberra are tree roots. Even if you are careful to maintain correct use of your drainage system knowing tree roots are present, tree roots will infiltrate the tiniest of gaps, and protrude into your drain. Over time, the increasing diameter of large tree roots once in a Canberra drain, may even be enough to weaken and eventually split a drain, leading to long lasting tree root issues and hefty drain repair bills.

Skilled Assessment Of The Problem

  • When you call Platinum hydro-jetting to clean your drains, rest assured you are getting well trained Canberra tradesman to undertake your drain or root cleaning. Platinum hydro-jetting staff will assess your drain cleaning circumstances, catering to individual needs and work with you to decide on the best solution for your drain cleaning requirements. We carry a wide range of specialist equipment, including the highly efficient Hydro Blaster and electric eel. This ensures we can clean any drain in Canberra and fix the issue without the need to dig up drains to clean or clear your tree root blockage.
  • We will check whether tree roots in pipes are the cause of the problem and also whether the pipe requires a repair as well as unblocking.

Various sizes of Jetters

  • Depending on the length of the pipe and the position of the blockage, we will select a Jetter of the correct size in order to ensure the complete removal of the problem. No matter what size your sewage pipe might be or how challenging the configuration, our combination of expertise and the right machinery means we can get the job done quickly and effectively.

Post drain cleaning assessments

  • We don't just clear the first tree roots blockage we come to! After jetting we check the pipe right the way back to the mains sewer pipe to make sure there aren't any nasty surprises further along. If a tree root or other obstruction has caused permanent damage, we will let you know and also carry out an effective repair.
  • As experienced plumbers who have been working in and around Canberra for some years now, we are proud of our excellent reputation for reliability, efficiency and professionalism. No matter how challenging or complex your drainage job might be, our winning combination of high caliber equipment and a skilled, dedicated team will result in a successful outcome.

Causes Of Blocked Or Faulty Drains In Canberra

  • Drains can become blocked due to debris from storm or flood water, tree roots, build-up of grease or fat, and foreign objects, as well as problems with pipes and fixtures. When a drain or pipe becomes blocked, many people will simply unblock it with an electric eel or high pressure water blaster, but this will often not reveal the underlying problem and the drain will soon become blocked again.

How A Drain Inspection Camera Can Help Canberra Home Owners

  • A drain camera can get to the heart of the problem. A special camera is sent down the line with the problem, and plumbing experts on the ground can then view the footage, spot the fault, and pinpoint its exact location. They can then immediately get to work on finding a way to fix it - often using the tools and stock they have in their van. Drain inspection cameras take the guesswork out of finding drain problems and ensure any issues can be fixed as soon as possible.
  • At Platinum hydro-jetting we provide drain inspections using the latest CCTV technology. We can use the camera to get photographic evidence of the problem with your drain quickly and efficiently, and identify the best and most affordable way to fix it. Using a camera is less labour-intensive than pot holing or excavation, and prevents over-digging - we can then pass these savings on to you.
  • Drain inspections can also be undertaken as a preventative measure. If your business relies heavily on the efficiency on your drains, it pays to have regular maintenance carried out on them that can identify any potential problems before they occur.

Book A Drain Inspection FromPlatinum hydro-jetting

  • Do you have a blocked or faulty drain? Or would you like to know more about our other plumbing services? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Platinum hydro-jetting today on 0447 033 030. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is waiting for your call, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about drain inspections or our other services


  • Even just a small gas leak can create massive problems for a household or business. Gas leaks can cause fires and explosions, and have the potential to poison those who breathe in the fumes, sometimes with deadly consequences. They are often caused by an incorrectly installed or faulty appliance. The insufficient or improper maintenance of appliances can also result in gas leaks, and where the hose connects to the appliance is a common place for gas to seep out of.
  • It is extremely important that you don't leave a gas leak unattended for any period of time. The repercussions of breathing in the gas for you, your family or your employees could be extremely serious. Not only can inhaling it have harmful effects on a person's health, it could also be fatal.
  • Sometimes gas leaks can be detected through smell; however, this is not always the case. Symptoms you may experience are dizziness, nausea, fatigue and maybe even depression. Signs to look out for include scorch marks around appliances, and make note if there appears to be a lot of condensation around windows. Sometimes people hesitate if they think they have a gas leak because they're worried about calling someone out for no reason. At Platinum hydro-jetting Service we know it's always better to check and have peace of mind, so don't let that stop you from calling us. No job is too small.

What To Do?

  • Call us now! Our gas leak repair experts are highly experienced in detecting and repairing them. Upon visiting your property, our professionals will carry out an accurate assessment by checking there is a leak, detecting what it is, where it's coming from and what's causing it. We won't leave without ensuring the gas leak is repaired or made safe on our first visit, thereby protecting you, your family or your staff. If you suspect there is a gas leak in your home or business, call Platinum hydro-jetting straight away.
  • We specialise in detecting and repairing gas leaks in Canberra and nearby areas, so call us immediately if you suspect a problem at your domestic or commercial property. We are highly experienced professionals, so you know you will be safe when entrusting us with any issues relating to gas leaks. You could save someone's life, so don't delay.



  • At Platinum hydro-jetting, we understand exactly how important it is to be diligent when dealing with gas. It's the one area where do it yourself home improvements just won't get the job done properly, because of how dangerous it can be. That's why it's best to leave it to us, the professionals, who know exactly what needs to be done to ensure your gas system is in complete working order and is entirely safe.
  • Our experts have many years of experience, and can assist you with any queries relating to gas installation, gas plumbing or your gas service. Here at Platinum hydro-jetting, we are fully equipped to handle any issues you may have concerning your gas system, and we carry piping systems to suit almost any home.
  • We recognise that every home is individual, and as such, Platinum hydro-jetting are committed to providing a tailor made service to suit your requirements. We are able to alter or redesign a gas service according to your specific needs. Have an old house? Maybe your gas system is slightly outdated and requires upgrading? Call us today and we'll assess whether anything needs to be done.



Everyone knows how dangerous a gas related problem can be. A faulty boiler, cooker, fireplace or any other gas appliance can emit deadly, odourless carbon monoxide fumes, silently killing those who breathe them in. Sadly, many unsuspecting people fall victim to this issue every year, so ensuring your gas appliances are installed securely, maintained regularly and repaired effectively has never been more important for protecting you and your family.

Has your boiler, cooker or fireplace seen better days? You never know when it will be too late to realise that your gas appliance isn't working as it should be. Our experts at Platinum hydro-jetting are fully qualified and equipped to carry out gas repairs to any existing appliances by making sure they meet all of the necessary safety requirements. If you need any gas repairs in Canberra, contact us.

If you're redesigning your kitchen and looking to upgrade your existing cooker, then Platinum hydro jetting can carry out gas installation to ensure your new appliance will be safe and fully functioning. We are experts in gas installation in Canberra, so we can fit whatever appliance you may require.

Perhaps you're building a property and need entirely new appliances, or maybe you're adding something extra to an existing room, such as a fireplace? It goes without saying that you want to make sure the new features in your home are safely fitted and working properly. If you need a gas fitter in Canberra, look to Platinum hydro-jetting.

It's important to make sure every workplace has fully functioning and safe equipment, and gas appliances can't afford to be overlooked. Your employees rely on heated buildings and working appliances to ensure they can do the best job possible. This is never more true than when a business directly requires gas appliances to carry out its main tasks, as is the case with restaurants. In such environments, cookers are constantly in use when preparing high quantities of food. You need to ensure you have the best possible appliances fitted, and Platinum hydro-jetting can do this for you.

We understand how vitally important having safe gas appliances is, and want to make sure every home and business is protected. That's why no domestic or commercial job is too big or small Platinum hydro-jetting, because your safety is our priority. If you're based in and around the Canberra area, get in touch today to see how our experts can help you.
Ensuring your gas appliances are working correctly is fundamental for your safety, as well as your family's and employees'. We all take working appliances for granted, but when an issue emerges it can be a stressful and worrying time, wondering when it will be sorted and how long it will take.
Platinum hydro-jetting carry out all areas of gas appliance servicing in Canberra and the local area. Our team of skilled experts thoroughly service your gas appliances by administering safety checks, cleaning functional components and making sure they work in the correct way.
Gas appliance servicing is never more important than in the workplace. As the owner of a company it is your responsibility to ensure all of your building's gas appliances are functioning correctly, as a faulty appliance could have enormous, potentially life threatening consequences for your employees. However, don't worry about any invasive, time consuming procedures with Platinum hydro-jetting; we can efficiently service your gas appliances and rectify any issues.
We are dedicated to providing an excellent service to you, whatever the size of the problem. If you need us to get the flame on your burner working correctly again, or even if you want us to test your heating and make sure everything is working as it should be before the cold winter months, Platinum hydro-jetting can do it all


  • It’s enough to drive you mad.
  • Drip, drip, drip – a toilet keeps filling, a dripping tap echoes in the kitchen, a dripping shower make a mess in the bathroom or a pipe keeps spreading water and mould through a wall.
  • Leaks and drips and blockages can keep you up at night, add extra costs your water bill and damage to your property.
  • Most of these little niggles around the house can be solved with a bit of DIY elbow grease, like changing the washers or tightening a nut with a wrench. But if problems with your water system persist or get worse, then it pays to call in the experts at Platinum hydro-jetting.
  • We Are Drip Detectives
  • Platinum hydro jetting’s team of experts have years of experience between them of finding out what’s wrong with any water system and fixing it first time for the right price. This expertise has won us customers across Canberra and the surrounding areas, and we pride ourselves on the ability to find the fault and fix it, quickly and cheaply.
  • Many issues that affect a functional wet area are easily remedied. For example, stopping a tap from dripping or keeping toilet plumbing from constantly filling might be as simple as examining how the plumbing elements of your home are arranged.
  • Something could be off in the system, but our expert plumbers can find the problem and make the repair. For example, a toilet leak could be caused by damage to a valve in the water system of your home, overwhelming the mechanism.
  • But finding the cause of bathroom plumbing leaks or a drip in the kitchen can also be an elaborate hunt. Sometimes the cause of bathroom leaks can be far away from where the problem presents itself, and we pride ourselves on accurate assessment and repair of issues common to your wet areas, and also the uncommon ones.

We Offer A Full Repair Service

  • Platinum hydro-jetting vehicles carry a wide range of stock parts and modern equipment that allows our plumbers to find and fix every drip, leak or blockage they find. Whether it’s a problem with bathroom and shower plumbing, a toilet leaking or any other water system in your home, Platinum hydro-jetting has the expertise to get the job done.
  • Have you been receiving unexpectedly high water bills? Are you wondering why this is happening and what you can do about it? Would you like a solution?
  • Many people don't realise that they're paying far more than they need to. A high water bill can be caused by a range of hidden factors, like damaged pipes, or undiagnosed water loss resulting from a particular appliance or fixture. By employing one of Platinum hydro-jetting experienced plumbers to locate and fix these problems, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars in water bill fees over the lifetime of the leak.

Why Do You Have Such A High Water Bill?

  • For a start, your pipes might be causing the problem. In most homes, pipes are constructed out of sight or underground. So if one of them is damaged, leaking or broken, you might not notice. However, over the course of a year, such a leak can lead to thousands and thousands of litres of wasted water, which, of course, means a high water bill for you.
  • The same goes for leaking taps, fixtures and toilets. Did you know that a single leaking tap can waste thousands of litres of water per year? And then there could be appliances that are using far more water than they should.
  • Another of the most common - yet undiagnosed - problems is water meters. A faulty water meter can lead to an exorbitantly high water bill. If this is the case, it's crucial to have the meter replaced by the relevant authority.

How Can Platinum hydro-jetting Help You?

  • If you suspect that you're paying more than you should, you can enlist one of our fantastic plumbers to find out what's going on. Here at Platinum hydro-jetting, we're passionate about making our customers' lives better, more convenient and less expensive. We don't believe that you should pay a cent more for your water or plumbing services than is necessary.
  • So, at your request, we'll send one of our team members to your home. They'll examine every aspect of your plumbing, from pipes to appliances, to find out if any water is being wasted and why. That includes helping you to take care of water meter leaks and replacement.
  • For the last few decades, technology is allowing us to locate pipes, sewers and storm water drains with pinpoint accuracy. No longer do we have to stab around in the dark, pot hole or rely on old maps to work out where things are.
  • Instead, we can use advanced technology to assist us, whether we need to find sewers and pipes before excavating or work out where a pipe has become blocked or damaged. For you, this can mean a serious reduction in costs, time and hassle. Rather than having to endure guess work, you get an accurate diagnosis immediately, with service locating.

How Does Service Locating Work?

  • The service locating technology that we use here at Platinum hydro-jetting is the most advanced and effective surveying technology available today. Our incredibly experienced, hard-working technicians are able to inject radio signals into metallic or marked lines, enabling them to work out exactly where pipes are, in terms of both location and depth. This information can then be used to make sure that excavation occurs in the right spot, avoiding any risks or damage.

What Can Service Locating Be Used For?

  • Service locating is not only good for figuring out where pipes are, it also does an amazing job of identifying the locations of blockages and damaged areas. So, if you're having trouble with your pipes but you're not sure what's causing it, service locating can save a lot of time. Our brilliant plumbers can make an accurate diagnosis with a minimum amount of hassle.

How Can Platinum hydro-jetting Help You With Service Locating?

  • he team that takes care of Platinum hydro-jetting locating is made up of well-trained plumbers. They are continually updating their already outstanding qualifications, keeping on top of technological developments and accessing highly valued trade specific information. This means that they can locate pipes quickly and cost effectively.
  • Yet for all of their modern knowledge, they are sticklers for old-fashioned values. You can trust them to turn up on time, treat you with honesty and integrity, and complete their work to the highest possible standard.


Hot Water On Demand – It’s One Of Life’s Great Pleasures.

  • If you’ve got a modern gas hot water system, a steaming shower or a relaxing bath is something you can almost take for granted… until something goes wrong with the system. It can be something as simple as the pilot light going out, or as complicated as a burst pipe or malfunctioning valve. Losing hot water can be inconvenient for you at the least, and expensive at the most.
  • So to help you keep the hot water on, Platinum hydro-jetting offers comprehensive servicing, repairs and new installations to gas hot water systems in Canberrato stop problems developing and deal quickly and cost effectively with the ones that do.
  • Gas Hot Water System Servicing In Canberra

    • At Platinum hydro-jetting, we believe the most common problems with gas hot water systems can be prevented before they develop into something serious with regular servicing by our expert technicians.
    • We are the go to service for gas hot water in Canberra plumbers trusted by customers in the city and its surrounding areas to keep their gas hot water systems in good working condition or to re boot the hot water from a flat line. Our expert gas-fitter plumbers can come to your home and give your gas hot water system a full checkup, spotting any potential faults, replacing worn parts, and making sure the hot water stays on.
    • A regular service can save you money in the long run by helping avoid repair bills, and bring you peace of mind, knowing the system is working as it should.

    Gas Hot Water Repairs And Installations

    • If something does go wrong with your gas hot water system, Platinum hydro-jetting has the skills to make all necessary repairs to any make and model, with quality guaranteed work at a cost effective price.
    • Our plumbers provide quick and efficient gas hot water repair in Canberra, and always make the fullest effort to repair any system, working closely with our customers to find the best solution. However, if the gas hot water system proves to be beyond repair, we also offer a full range of new models from the best brands.
    • As a leading provider of gas hot water installation in Canberra, Platinum hydro-jetting can take care of all installation work, quickly and professionally replacing your legacy unit with a new model.
    • Hot water systems have come a long way. The very first hot water systems relied on big boilers that chewed through your energy bills and took up lots of space.
    • But these days, hot water systems are much smaller, far more efficient and powered by a wide range of sources, from mains electricity to solar power.
    • Modern hot water systems can provide instantaneous hot water or keep a smaller reserve, with correct design it would be saving you money and providing a more environmentally friendly service – and fast flowing hot water on demand. But despite the advances, and careful selection, things can still go wrong, with water not heating or coming through intermittently. Your hot water system may eventually need to be repaired or replaced to keep it running smoothly, or upgraded to keep up with the times.

    Platinum hydro-jettings hot water repair and replacement service

    • Platinum hydro-jetting has amassed wide expertise over many years repairing hot water systems across Canberra and the surrounding areas. We can undertake repairs on all makes and models of gas, solar and electric hot water systems, quickly and efficiently putting them back in action.

    Upgrading your hot water system

    • We aim to create the best value for money in the long run, giving our customers information on the latest technology and how it can be applied to the Canberra region’s specific climate.
    • So whether your hot water system needs a quick repair, full replacement or an upgrade to the very latest technology, Platinum hydro-jetting can get the job done right, and for the right price. Just give us a call on 0447 033 030 or get in touch via our contact us page.